2 People Hospitalized By Carbon Monoxide Leak At Apartments

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Two people were hospitalized, and several others sickened, by a carbon monoxide leak at three West Columbus apartments.     

Emergency crews responded to the apartments at 55 South Hague Monday morning, and found potentially deadly carbon monoxide levels.

Now, the residents and landlord are pointing fingers at each other.              

Joseph Coey says the symptoms started weeks ago.

"I started getting headaches, vomiting, nauseous, lightheaded," he said.

But he says his landlord and maintenance worker weren't able to find the source of his sickness.

"They kept saying there wasn't nothing in there, that they checked it,” Coey said. "And then my mom and them today, they started feeling like really sick, throwing up and everything. That's when we decided to call the Fire Department."

Firefighters reported a carbon monoxide reading of 150 parts per million inside the apartment.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says with "CO concentrations above 150 to 200 parts per million, disorientation, unconsciousness, and death are possible."

Coey's mother and step-father were taken to the hospital.

Residents in two next-door apartments also say they've been sick.

Columbia Gas responded and cut off gas service to the three units, red-tagging the furnaces and water heaters as unsafe for use.
But the maintenance man at the apartment says the appliances aren't to blame.

Jesse Baker told 10TV the units were correctly installed and connected.

"I was just out here the other day and there wasn't no problems," said Baker.

He and landlord Jerry Petrosky say they believe the residents somehow “sabotaged” the units, although neither could offer a potential motive for such an action.

Monday night residents in three units were without gas or heat.

They say they're lucky that's all they lost.

"I'm grateful I'm alive, and my kids,” said Coey. “It's just a ridiculous situation I should've never been put in in the first place."

The residents tell 10TV they have carbon monoxide detectors in their apartments, but they don't believe they were working.

We did check with the City of Columbus, and landlord Jerry Petrosky does not have any history of code violations.

The Columbus Division of Fire says it will inspect your carbon monoxide detector to make sure it's properly installed and working.