2 Men Found Dead In Burned Car Near Southwest Columbus Apartment


Firefighters responding to a report of a car fire made a gruesome discovery Friday morning in southwest Columbus.

"In my parking lot, straight ahead, it's a car on fire, somebody set a car on fire," said one caller to 911.

Two male bodies were discovered in the charred vehicle. Officials said that at least one of the bodies was that of an adult.

The car was parked behind a Dumpster at the Forest Creek Apartment, located off of Eakin Road.

Many people in the apartment complex were shocked as they heard the news.

"The fire department came, put the flames out, that's when they discovered at least one body. There might be a couple others in there," said Sgt. Rich Weiner, Columbus Police Department.

It is still not clear how the people inside were killed, but officials did confirm their deaths were homicides.

"The inside of the car is burned out. The bodies are burned, however, we need to get in there to see if there are other signs of violence," added Weiner.

Police spent the morning looking for clues.

The car was transported to the coroner's office with the bodies still inside.

Officials said the bodies were severely burned and would have to be identified via scientific testing.

During the afternoon, two people who said they are family members of one of the victims visited the scene.

They told 10TV that they did not know why their family member would have been in the car.