2 Heath High School Basketball Players Charged Over Alleged Bullying Incident

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The Licking County prosecutor charged two former high school basketball players Wednesday for what he calls bullying that, “warranted charges.”

The Heath Police Department says the acts went beyond horseplay or teasing.

This complaint accuses the two former players of Heath High School’s basketball team with multiple instances, of creating fear, and causing physical harm, to fellow teammates.

Evan Barrett, 18, was charged in juvenile court with a delinquency third-degree felony count of abduction. A 17-year-old, who 10TV will not name because he is a juvenile, was charged with delinquency misdemeanor counts of unlawful restraint and assault with complicity.

Barrett is accused of holding the boys down and touching them in the area of their genitals.   The other teen is accused of helping to hold the boys down.

Heath police say the alleged incidents took place at a basketball camp over the summer, and in Heath, and say the behavior was quite aggressive.

"It appeared this was more than your run of the mill teasing,” said Sergeant Craig Black. “There was conduct that if conducted at the adult level there would be a criminal charge."

Neither Barrett, nor the juvenile, have been taken into custody.

Both have a hearing set for April 9..

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