2 Elementary School Principals Put On Leave After Allegedly Failing To Notify Officials About Possible Sexual Misconduct Involving Student


The Morrow County Sheriff's Office is investigating a report of possible sexual misconduct involving an elementary school student.

According to the sheriff's office, staff members at Highland Elementary School, located in Marengo, did not follow the appropriate protocol to report child abuse or neglect.

Two elementary school principals were put on administrative leave for not immediately notifying Children Services or law enforcement officials as the state statute mandates.

The mother of the 6-year-old in the middle of the incident admits that her first grader has been troubled and has the capability of being aggressive. She said she warned administrators.

“We even kept her home from school one day because we know her capabilities, she is aggressive,” she said.

The child came home and told her mother that she had touched a boy’s private parts on the playground and that four other students were involved in the alleged incident.

The mother said she immediately called the child’s teacher to report the incident, but heard nothing from the school for weeks.

“I informed them way in advance what was going on here because I didn't want any other children to be harmed at all that was my whole point in telling them,” said the mother, who 10TV is not naming.

She then called the district, and that was when she said Superintendent Bill Dodds got involved.

Dodds has put both principals at the school on paid administrative leave for not reporting the alleged abuse right away.

“They're both experienced principals, they're both been in the district for over 10 years, and have done a wonderful job. They're two people that love kids and would never ever do anything intentionally to hurt kids,” said Dodds.

WBNS-10TV has also learned that the Morrow County Sheriff's Office completed its investigation and referred the case to the prosecutor’s office to determine whether or not failure to report child abuse charges will be filed.

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