2 Columbus School Principals Suing After Losing Jobs In Data Scrubbing Investigation

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Two former Columbus City Schools principals are now suing the school board and several current and former district administrators,  claiming they were wrongfully terminated.

Both Pamela Diggs and Tiffany Chavers are suing for their jobs back, and more than a quarter of a million dollars in damages.

The women say they were coerced into changing grades and attendance data. They say it was a district-wide practice that they never questioned.

Diggs, the former principal of Marion Franklin High School, was suspended from the district back in January.

Chavers, who was working on special assignment with Linden-McKinley STEM Academy, was put on leave in December.

On Wednesday, with their attorneys, the women claimed they are scapegoats. They say nearly every principal employed by the district changed grades and attendance records to make their schools appear better.

They say it was a top-down scheme, and it's not fair that only some administrators were targeted for firing.

"We never questioned the issue because we were always given the rationale. It was based on No Child Left Behind, this was part of law, so all the principals were told the same thing. We had no idea we were doing something wrong," said Diggs.

Fourteen people tied to the data-scrubbing scheme have either resigned or been terminated.

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