2 Adults Accused In Connection With Circleville Woman’s Death Held On $500,000 Bond; Juveniles Detained

2 Adults Accused In Connection With Circleville Woman’s Death Held On $500,000 Bond; Juveniles Detained

2 Adults Accused In Connection With Circleville Woman’s Death Held On $500,000 Bond; Juveniles Detained

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The four people arrested in connection with Brittany Jeffers’ death after a beating on Wednesday appeared in court on Friday.

Cameron Eby, 20, and Nicole Leasure, 37, were held on $500,000 bond. People in the courtroom started cheering after the bond was read.

Two 17 year olds, Brandon Bolin and Keely Martin, Leasure’s daughter, also are charged and were ordered to be detained until their next court hearing.

Eby, Leasure and Bolin are charged with aggravated rioting. Martin is charged with rioting.

Leasure was removed from court after her bond was set, because she started screaming expletives. She also demanded to know why more people were not facing charges.

“Where is the rest of the people that were involved in this?   For one, I’d like to know,” Leasure said.

Jeffers’ mother, Emily Harvey, said in court on Friday that she was happy with the bond hearing.

“I hope they get what they deserve,” Harvey said.

Police say they are talking to as many as 50 witnesses.  

Chillicothe Police Chief Harold Gray said investigators will wait on the results of the autopsy before more charges are filed and said it is possible more people could face charges.  

“There’s a lot of half-truths. Real truths. We’ve got to piece through it until we find the real answers Emily Weaver must now try to provide answers to her grandchildren too young to understand the violence that took their mother,” Gray said.

Brittany Jeffers was pronounced legally dead around 1 a.m. Thursday following a riot situation Wednesday afternoon.

Jeffers was attacked in her neighborhood on Wednesday night near Walnut and Washington streets around 2 p.m.

Harvey said it all started when she recognized a person attempting to break into home across the street.

She said she called police and gave them a name. It’s a call she now thinks led to her daughters attack.

“I do blame myself. If I never would have got involved my daughter would never have passed away,” said Harvey.

Soon after the call, she said the suspect noticed her and Brittany walking home from the police station. She suspected he knew she called authorities.

Harvey said her step-daughter had words with a woman at the suspects’ house which led to a fight.

She said Brittany went over to break it up. The mother said the next thing she saw was Brittany on the ground.

“Just kicking my daughter and punched her on the side of her face,” said Emily.

She claims the person who beat her daughter was the same person she called police about. Meanwhile, her daughter's loss can be felt by young and old in this community who still can't understand why this happened.

Investigators said witnesses described the altercation as a "riot situation.”

A 911 caller stated there were up to 40 people arguing in the street.

Police said that the persons of interest range in age from 14 to 30.

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