2 Accused Of Kidnapping, Torture Appear In Court


Two kidnapping suspects were taken into custody after SWAT officers stormed a west Columbus home Wednesday night.

Detectives say Obryan Jones, 29, and Belynda Coffman, 23, tortured three victims at a home on North Harris Avenue in July.

The alleged torture of the two men and one woman went on for 6 to 7 hours.

Police say the alleged incident in July was all over a stolen cell phone.

Many of the neighbors we spoke to say they are familiar with the man who was taken in custody, but not the woman.

And they all say they would have never imagined that anyone would have been allegedly tortured in this home.

“We came outside and looked down the street and there was SWAT everywhere,” said neighbor Shawn Coy.

"That's crazy because you know he had SWAT around his house. He must have been doing something serious,” said neighbor Tommy Ke.

Jones and Coffman have both been charged with kidnapping

Police say in July, the pair forced two men and woman, at gunpoint, blindfolded them and held them for more than six hours.

During that time, investigators say Jones and his friends tortured the three.

They used power tools, beat them ...and even pulled out their teeth with pliers. They say the female was also sexually assaulted.

Tommy Ke says he often saw Obryan Jones in the neighborhood and he never seemed violent.

"They were quiet people they built a fence up around the house over time and you know they just barely came out, really,” said Ke.

However, others neighbors say they caught a glimpse of Jones' rage.

"I just try to avoid eye contact because he is a scary dude, you know,” said neighbor Michael Mason.

Investigators say they had their eye on Jones for a while, but say his victims were so scared it wasn't until last week that they finally came forward.

They say there are more victims out there and neighbors say they can't believe this all allegedly happened so close to where they live.

"I have never seen anything like that around here and I know this area very well,” said Shawn Coy.

Jones and Coffman appeared in court on Friday, and a judge set each of their bonds at $10 million.