16-Year-Old Charged With Murdering Another Teen In Basement


A 14-year-old boy shot in South Linden Monday afternoon died just after 11:00 p.m. at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Columbus Police say Terrico Henry was shot in the basement of a home in the 1000 block of East 15th Avenue around 4:30 p.m. Monday.

Police chased several people who ran from the scene and took them into custody for questioning.

Investigators have now charged 16-year-old Calvin Fluellen with one count of murder.

Family members told 10TV that Henry and Fluellen were friends.

“We're distraught his life was cut way too short,” said Ike Terry, cousin of the victim. “I would like to know what went on in that household for the parents to make him cool for them, for these kids to be doing what they're doing.”

Mohammed Borden has known Calvin Fluellen since they were kids. He says he can't believe he would shoot Henry. He says the two were like brothers.

"I know Calvin.. I'm with him every day,” said Borden.

Police say there were several people in the home at the time of the shooting. Here's what a person told police when she called 911.

"I just heard a loud 'Pow.' I came out. I came out and he was bleeding. That's all I know. I just heard a 'Pow,' and I just know he's shot in the stomach."

When police arrived at the time of the shooting, they saw a teen fleeing out of the rear of the residence. He was charged with tampering with evidence.

Detectives believe he hid a Glock 27 handgun, the suspected murder weapon, under the porch. Police say they found another gun when it fell from the jacket of another teen questioned after the shooting.

As for the victim's brother, he says this makes the third family member killed by a gun shot.

The victim's cousin believes this tragedy could have been avoided with better adult supervision.

“Whoever the parents are when this went down they need to be held responsible as well," added Terry.

Henry was a 10th grader at Mifflin High School, according to his family.

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