13 People Indicted As Part Of Oxycodone Trafficking Ring

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Franklin County authorities say 13 people were indicted after a six-month investigation into an oxycodone trafficking ring.

Officials said that Marlene and Marsha Belcher led a ring that brought almost 30,000 oxycodone tablets and more than 5,000 Xanax pills into Columbus during last year.

The drugs were allegedly sold on the street for profit.

Authorities said that the street value of the pills were approximately $770,000.

Police believe the operation has been in existence for at least three years. Members were documented making around 50 out-of-state trips over the last year.

Search warrants were served at Marlene Belcher’s address in Columbus on Southard Drive and Marsha Belcher’s address in Grove City on Bohnburg Avenue.

Seven firearms and $16,000 cash were also discovered by police.

Here’s a list of the individuals who were charged:

Marlene Belcher, 37,  287 Southard Drive, Columbus, OH 43207
Marsha Belcher, 35,  2393 Bohnburg Avenue, Grove City, OH 43123
Timothy Tanner, 36,  1928 Bluffstone Court, Grove City, OH 43123
Austin Belcher, 22,  285 Buckeye Circle, Columbus, OH 43217
Mindy Broughton, 23,  Unknown address
Joelle New, 24,  Unknown address
William Cornette, 41,  Unknown address
Jeffrey Jackson, 36 ,  90 East Street, Ashville, OH 43103
Lovelle McCarty, 38,  3006 Ashton Row West, Grove City, OH 43123
Joshua Marcum, 25,  Unknown address
Regina Thompson, 35,  57 W Park Avenue, Columbus, OH 43222
Albert Holmes, 55,  9974 TWP RD 49, Mt. Perry, OH 43760
Wilmer Neff, 49,  3715 S. Ohio Avenue, Columbus, OH 43207