13 indicted for trafficking prescription drugs from Florida to central Ohio


Thirteen people have been indicted by a grand jury for their involvement in the organized trafficking of prescription medication between Florida and Ohio.

According to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, the group traveled to see a doctor in Florida to obtain pain pills for resale in Franklin County.

According to court documents, 28-year-old Amanda Basich and 31-year-old Joshua Smith organized, funded and sold the pills from the trafficking organization beginning in March 2015.

The pair was initially partners coordinating people to travel to Tampa and see a doctor for pain pill prescriptions. By June 2016, each had built their own separate organization.

“During the time span of 15 months, it is estimated that this enterprise acquired and sold 12,002 prescription pills in Franklin County (primarily Oxycodone) with a street value of approximately $165,000,” O’Brien said.

The other eleven indicted are as follows:

  • Joshua Christopher Howell (Columbus), age 34
  • Christopher Edward Allmon (Columbus), age 34
  • Travis Justin Eisenman (Columbus), age 38
  • Mandy Lea Diles (Columbus), age 27
  • Christina Lynn Duty (Columbus), age 29
  • Alecia Danielle Adkins (Tampa, FL), age 26
  • James Carter Johnson II (Fort Lauderdale, FL), age 47
  • Drew Aaron Glassner (Gahanna), age 34
  • Kelly McBride (Mt. Gilead), age 48
  • Danielle Lucille Duty (Columbus), age 28
  • Richard W. Telthorster (Columbus), age 43

Charges range from engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, aggravated trafficking in drugs and aggravated funding of drug trafficking.

If convicted on all charges, Basich and Smith each face a minimum of 11 years incarceration. The co-conspirators of the organization each face potentially three years in prison.