11 Malnourished Horses Seized From Perry Co. Farm


Humane society representatives said that horses on a Perry County farm had resorted to eating tree bark just to survive.

Perry County Humane Society volunteers seized nearly a dozen horses from the farm and were shocked at their conditions.

"It's an extremely sad situation for the horses," Perry County Humane Officer John Price.

Price said that the horses were uncombed and chafing.

"They are extremely underweight," Price said. "You can see their ribs, you can see their hip bones, you can see their vertebrae and you shouldn't be able to see that on a healthy horse."

Price said that he was thankful that volunteers helped to rescue the 11 horses.

"People just pulled together at a moment's notice," Price said. "To come out with the trailers, vehicles were needed to transport these animals. They found a place to care for them."

The malnourished horses were moved to a new location and given hay to eat.

"Hopefully we can find homes for these horses eventually," Price said. "We'll be filing charges and I'm sure there will be an extended fight for custody of the horses."

Price said the situation was unusual and overwhelming for his team. They are welcoming donations of hay, grain and money for veterinary care.

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