10TV Video Shows Police Cruiser Theft, Shots Fired

10TV Video Shows Police Cruiser Theft, Shots Fired
10TV Video Shows Police Cruiser Theft, Shots Fired
10TV Video Shows Police Cruiser Theft, Shots Fired
10TV Video Shows Police Cruiser Theft, Shots Fired

A man was in police custody after shots were fired just blocks from where a man was shot and killed Tuesday morning.

10TV News crews on the scene witnessed shots fired and a man taking off in a police cruiser at about 2 p.m. near Tussing and Hines roads.

According to police, someone called law enforcement with information about a person matching the description of a person involved in Tuesday morning's police-involved shooting, which occurred near Brice and Tussing roads at the Brentwood Lakes Apartment complex on Brooke Boulevard.

The man who was shot and killed at the Brentwood Lakes apartments, whose identity was not immediately released, was a resident of the apartments. It was not yet known if the person was shot and killed by police or one of the suspects. Police originally responded to a call about a break-in.

Fraternal Order of Police President Jim Gilbert said that there was no direct reason for the recent cluster of officer-involved shootings.

“I guess if there’s any common denominator about what’s going on in the last several days, it’s been 911 calls – responding to 911 calls, a service citizens need when they call police,” Gilbert said. “It just goes to show the public, officers are out there, and they get in harm’s way every day.”

A patrolling officer responded to the call Tuesday afternoon and saw two men, and one of the men ran away. The officer chased after the man, who then stole the officer's cruiser.

The officer fired shots at the man.

The man crashed the cruiser and took off again on foot. He was arrested along Bentley Station Place.

It was unknown if the man, who was not immediately identified, was struck but was taken away on a stretcher to Grant Medical Center, according to Chopper 10 video.

Resident John Doseck said that he was outside smoking a cigarette when the incident occurred.

“I heard some gunshots,” Doseck said. “Then, I was watching and saw this guy come out on the balcony, jump over the big bush, fell and broke his legs and cops swarmed him.”

Police said that they were searching for another person in connection with the two shooting incidents.

Columbus police Sgt. Rich Weiner said that he hoped the man taken into custody Tuesday afternoon would be the key to finding the other person.

“We’re hoping that the guy we have in custody will shed a little light onto exactly what happened. Was he a victim? Was he a suspect? Hopefully, he’ll be able to tell investigators exactly what happened,” Weiner said.

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