10TV Uncovers New Documents In Columbus Firefighter Sex Scandal


The scandal surrounding a Columbus firefighter's sexual relationship with a teenager is growing.

10TV has uncovered new information and new allegations of sex and lies inside the Columbus Division of Fire.

Because the firefighter at the center of this storm has not been charged, 10TV is not identifying him. Just last month he was honored for heroism in helping save the lives of trapped construction workers.

Now, he finds himself trapped in a spiral of sex and lies that threaten to derail his career.
As 10TV has previously reported, a now 20-year-old woman says the 48-year-old married firefighter conducted an affair with her inside Station 17 on the Hilltop.

The woman, a friend of the firefighter's daughter, claims it began in September 2011 when she was 18, and continued through April of this year.

She even says she was given the access code to Station 17 so she could sneak in and out, a violation of Division policy.

The firefighter admits to the affair but denies it happened on the job, or on city property.

According to public records obtained by 10TV, the woman says the sex wasn't limited to Station 17.

She says it also happened inside Station 11 in northwest Columbus and at the Fire Division Training Academy in South Columbus.
In new interviews, the firefighter initially denies the allegation but gradually changes his story.

"Did you have sex...in your vehicle in the parking lot at the Parsons Avenue Training Complex?"

"I did not have sexual intercourse...at the Training Academy."

"Did you have oral sex?"

"I don't recall."

"So it's possible that you had oral sex in the parking lot?"

"It's possible."

He also admits to texting the woman a photo of his genitals while on duty June 18, after the investigation was underway and he'd been ordered to have no contact with her.

Asked why he was engaged in such behavior on duty, he answers "I have no idea. It was just stupidity, the rush of it or something."
Two of his fellow firefighters say despite his denials, he admitted to them the sex happened on the job.

"What did he tell you?" asks the interviewer.

One firefighter responds, "That he had sex with her."

"At the fire station?" asks the investigator.

The firefighter responds, "At the fire station."

A second firefighter tells the same story.

"He did tell you he had sex in the firehouse?" asks the investigator.

The firefighter replies "Sure."

Confronted with those statements, the accused firefighter calls his colleagues "mistaken".

One Battalion Chief says if true, the behavior is "unethical, unacceptable, immoral, inexcusable."

The results of the investigation are still being reviewed before any decision is made on what, if any, action will be taken.

The accused firefighter remains on the job, although he was moved to another firehouse after the woman's father threatened his life.

At least one Battalion Chief had direct knowledge of the relationship but admits he did nothing about it.

A Division Spokesperson tells 10TV it’s possible other Fire Division personnel could face discipline for such failures to report or take action.
The woman in question has asked for privacy, but Friday her attorney Kevin Kerns said, "Throughout this process, she has told the truth and told the complete truth. She was friends with this man's daughter from the ages of 15 through 17. After she turned 18, he took her virginity at Firehouse 17. We believe his actions are outrageous and an insult to the firefighters of this community."