10TV Uncovers Alleged Violence in State Attorney’s Past

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Court records show a state prosecutor, who was hired to head up the state's Special Prosecutions team, has a history of alleged violence.

Jeffrey Hunter was hired to be head of a group in the Attorney General’s Office that provides a voice for victims in high profile cases, such as the Steubenville rape trial, the murder of Summer Inman and the Craigslist killings.  

However, 10TV uncovered Hunter has an alleged violent past.

“He was hired because he has 22 years of experience as a prosecuting attorney,” said Attorney General Mike DeWine.

DeWine said Jeffrey Hunter was hired on March 18 as the Section Chief of the Special Prosecutions Section.

Documents show the job offer was contingent upon successful background checks, including a national WEB check.

“So you look at the totality of someone's life and look at what's the fairest thing to do,” said DeWine.

10TV uncovered Hunter's past, which includes abuse allegations from his now ex-wife.

According to this 2004 civil protection order, Hunter forced her head into his groin and knelt on her lower leg until she screamed in pain.   

She said Hunter, who was then a Greene County prosecutor, tried to intimidate her saying, "no one will believe you."  

She also accused him of spitting in her face, throwing her down and sexual aggression.

“And it was not a good situation at all. Very sad,” said DeWine.

Hunter started his job as Section Chief on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, May 1, 10TV questioned his hire.  

Then, on Thursday, May 2, Hunter submitted a letter asking to be reassigned, saying that, "after three days on the job, (he) realized (his) skills are better suited doing trial work."

“The question is, not - do we approve of what he did? Not, do we condone what he did? The question is - what's the fair thing to do? Is it fair to let him continue to do what he does? And that is to go into court, and try cases and prosecute criminals, and put them behind bars and he's very, very, very good at that,” said DeWine.

Hunter is still working for the Attorney General's Office, but under a different title.  

Hunter declined comment to 10TV.

DeWine said the decision to keep him on board may have been different, if the case had been more recent.

DeWine also said he does not anticipate a change in policy because of this case.

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