10TV Assists Authorities In Capturing A String Of Wanted Fugitives

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10TV began this effort with the Franklin County Sheriff's office in late 2012.

And since then, authorities describe the turnaround from ‘TV time’ to ‘jail time’ as "fantastic."

In the past few months, 10TV started featuring fugitives wanted for more violent crimes, such as murder, rape, sex with minors, and crimes against women.

“These are the kinds of crimes that we want to get these people off the streets, and I think the community speaks for itself that they want them out of their neighborhoods," says Chief Deputy Rick Minerd of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Minerd says that could be why the county's SWAT team has been able to knock off 9 of the last 14 fugitives featured since the start of 2014.

With the help of 10TV, authorities have captured fugitives like:

Michael Watson, who was taken in by Columbus Police SWAT less than one day after 10tv featured him as a Monday's Most Wanted.  He was wanted on several charges, including aggravated murder, murder, attempted murder and felonious assault.

Bruce Clifford, was also captured by CPD SWAT within days of his mugshot appearing on 10tv.  Clifford had warrant for charges related to four counts of rape.

Other fugitives turn themselves in, like Marvin Byrdie, who surrendered March 10th voluntarily within hours of being featured on 10TV.  He was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Shauntia Foster also turned herself in soon after she was featured on 10TV’s Monday’s Most Wanted on March 4th.

“I think that might be, you know, pressures, not only for law enforcement knocking on doors, but also the community out there seeing things like this featured on 10TV,” says Minerd.

Another tool Chief Minerd says seems to be helping is social media-- like Facebook; which is something these fugitives can't escape.

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