10 Things To Know For Tuesday

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1. AUTHORITIES TESTING PACKETS OF HEROIN FOUND IN HOFFMAN APARTMENT   Officials want to know whether the drug was mixed with anything else.  The actor's autopsy is underway and results are pending. HOFFMAN-INVESTIGATION  

2. BANKS, RETAILERS BATTLE OVER CONSUMER DATA BREACHES   Each is using its lobbying might to persuade Congress that the other side is responsible for protecting personal information of consumers. CONSUMER DATA-BANKERS VS RETAILERS  

3. WHY THE MARKETS ARE JITTERY AS COMPANIES REPORT EARNINGS   Last year's big gains have left share prices so high that investors are hammering stocks that report evenly slightly bad news. EARNINGS-JITTERY MARKETS  

4. PERSONAL NOTES OF JOHN PAUL II TO BE PUBLISHED WEDNESDAY   Pope wanted them burned after his death, but his trusted confidant says he "did not have the courage to" destroy them. POLAND-POPE'S BOOK  

5. HOW AFGHAN MEDIA ARE COVERING PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION   Much the way journalists do in any modern democracy. This week hundreds of newspapers and radio and TV stations will cover the first televised debate. AFGHAN-MEDIA  

6. FEDERAL JUDGE TO HEAR ARGUMENTS ON VIRGINIA'S GAY MARRIAGE BAN   New attorney general, a Democrat, won't defend the state's 2006 constitutional amendment, which has angered many Republican lawmakers. GAY MARRIAGE-VIRGINIA  

7. WHO IS PUSHING FOR MORE FUNDING FOR PRESCHOOL PROGRAMS   Republican governors, who often seek less government spending, are pumping more money into education for 3- and 4-year-olds. PRESCHOOL PUSH  

8. WHAT'S IN THE MASSIVE FARM BILL   Senate expected to vote on legislation that features slight cuts to food stamps, provides financial cushion for farmers and subsidizes services for rural communities. FARM BILL  

9. MINNOW TO BE TAKEN OFF ENDANGERED LIST   Twenty-one years after it was safeguarded, Oregon chub will become first fish removed from U.S. Endangered Species Act protection. THREATENED FISH-RECOVERY  

10. THE JOYS OF WINTER: MIDWEST, EAST COAST TO GET HIT AGAIN   Kansas and Missouri will be the first to see heavy snow. Then it's on to Philadelphia, Boston, New York - possibly in time for Wednesday's morning commute. WINTER WEATHER