10 Things To Know For Tuesday

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1. WHAT INVESTORS WILL BE LISTENING FOR WHEN YELLEN SPEAKS   They'll seek clues to whether new Federal Reserve chief will embrace all the policies of her predecessor and whether she's worried about the stock market's turbulence.  

2. PENTAGON PRESSED FOR INFORMATION ON MILITARY SEX CRIMES   Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand demands details on assault cases after Associated Press investigation into the inconsistent handling of rapes on military bases.  

3. ATLANTA GETS READY BEFORE FIRST DROP OF MOISTURE FALLS   After becoming butt of jokes two weeks ago, the city is making aggressive preparations for a storm that could be worse.  

4. WORLD WAR II VICTIMS IN SOUTH KOREA RUNNING OUT OF TIME   Fifty-five women are left who say they were sex slaves of Japan during the war. Still seeking amends, they average 88 years of age.  

5. WHY OBAMA IS GRANTING ANOTHER DELAY IN HEALTH LAW   The administration's move seems calibrated to lessen the political fallout for Democrats in Congressional elections this November.  

6. HOW HOLLANDE WILL SPEND HIS DAY IN WASHINGTON   The French president has an Oval Office meeting with Obama, a joint news conference and he'll later don a tuxedo for a state dinner.  

7. RESIDENTS OF MEXICO CITY STILL FEAR KIDNAPPINGS   The state sends hundreds of police to Yautepec after a wave of abductions and murders, but people lack confidence in their government.  

8. WHERE YOU CAN GET A BACON MILKSHAKE OR BACON BEER   An Atlantic City, N.J., casino is stretching the bounds of good taste and cardiovascular health with Bacon Week.  

9. AT WESTMINISTER, FOUR GROUP WINNERS DOWN, THREE TO GO   The sporting, working and terrier dog groups are set to compete, then comes the selection of best of show.  

10. SHAUN WHITE BIDDING TO WIN MEN'S HALFPIPE COMPETITION AGAIN   If successful, he would become just the seventh athlete to win gold in an individual event in three straight Winter Olympics.