10 Things To Know For Thursday


1. ARMY OF UTILITY WORKERS LABORING IN THE SOUTH   A half-million homes and businesses lost power to the storm now sweeping up I-95 corridor to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. WINTER WEATHER  

2. COMCAST TO BUY TIME WARNER CABLE FOR $45 BILLION   AP sources confirm deal that would combine two largest U.S. cable companies. Announcement expected this morning. COMCAST-TIME WARNER CABLE  

3. AFGHANISTAN FREES DETAINEES U.S. CALLS 'DANGEROUS'   The release of 65 accused militants from a former U.S. prison further strains relations between Washington and Karzai. AFGHANISTAN  

4. AMERICAN STARS WIPING OUT IN SUNNY SOCHI   From Bode Miller and Julia Mancuso to Shaun White and Shani Davis, athletes expected to win gold have stumbled. STRUGGLING AMERICANS  

5. TEA PARTY TEEING OFF ON SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER   After Mitch McConnell helped advance the bill to raise the debt ceiling, conservative groups signal they'll make his vote an issue in November. DEBT LIMIT  

6. ABOUT ONE MILLION SIGN UP FOR 'OBAMACARE' IN JANUARY   It's the first time since the health insurance markets opened last fall that a national monthly enrollment target has been met. HEALTH OVERHAUL  

7. HOW U.S. WILL GET RID OF SYRIA'S CHEMICAL WEAPONS   An AP Q&A tells you about the ship, crew and process that will be used to destroy mustard gas and raw materials for sarin nerve gas. CHEMICAL WEAPONS-DESTRUCTION SHIP  

8. FOREIGN 'DRUG MULES' FACE A PURGATORY IN PERU   Caught trying to smuggle cocaine, they serve their time but then find themselves stuck in the country until parole ends, fines are paid. PERU-DRUG MULE PURGATORY  

9. MEDICAL EXPERTS SAY CASTAWAY IN GOOD PHYSICAL HEALTH, MENTALLY FRAGILE   El Salvador fisherman tells doctors he came close to giving up hope after large ships passed close to his small boat but didn't stop to rescue him. SALVADOR-SEA SURVIVOR  

10. WHAT AP POLL SAYS ABOUT THE SEXES AND VALENTINE'S DAY   Men are just as excited about the holiday as women, and almost everyone wants to receive a gift. AP POLL-RELATIONSHIPS