10 Investigates: Father Speaks About Mother's Alleged Cancer Hoax

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In an exclusive sit-down interview, the father of a 4-year-old boy at the center of an alleged cancer hoax told 10 Investigates that his son does not have cancer.
"There's never been chemotherapy," the boy's father, John, said. "There's never been radiation."

10TV News did not name the father to protect the child’s identity.

On Monday, 10 Investigates exposed an apparent hoax by Emily King.  

King posted claims that her son had lung cancer known as pleurompulmonary blastoma, according to Internet documents and interviews.
Supporters launched Facebook pages to funnel donations to King to at least two different post office boxes.   
John said based on his review of medical records and conversations with law enforcement officials, King's statements are "an absolute lie."
John and King separated last winter following a domestic dispute that led to several misdemeanor convictions for John.

He said shortly after the couple's divorce, King told him JJ had cancer.
John said that King refused to give him access to the boy's doctor and medical records.
"So, I had to believe my little boy had cancer," John said. "I couldn't imagine her lying about that."
Ellen Barnes said that she also believed King’s claims and stayed with JJ while he underwent testing.

"I did give her (King) money while she was in the hospital for like food and stuff," Barnes said.
While in the hospital, King took a call and broke into tears because she claimed to have just learned JJ's cancer had spread, Barnes said.
"I mean, my heart broke," Barnes said. "I was totally convinced."
But new documents 10 Investigates has obtained seem to refute King's claims.  

In a sworn affidavit filed by Utica Detective Damian Smith, Smith stated that 1,000 pages of medical records revealed that JJ checked out as "normal."

The affidavit also said that the doctor King claimed was JJ's oncologist "(has) no records of treating the child."
Smith also stated in the affidavit that doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital "concluded ... that the child is the victim of medical child abuse."
John said he felt relieved because the document proved JJ did not have cancer.

"It's the best news I've ever heard," John said. "I went from not knowing how long my little boy was going to live and him not having a normal childhood to JJ's back."
JJ is slowly being removed from seizure medication that is unnecessary, John said.

Since he took custody of the child two weeks ago, JJ has mostly shaken a drug-induced stupor, John said.
"He could hardly walk; he could not talk at all. You could not understand a word he said," John said. "He would literally sit on the couch, tell you he had to go potty and before you could help him, he already wet himself."
John said JJ still has emotional wounds.
"He was told that he was going to see Donna. Donna was my mom who passed away from cancer, John said.  "So telling a 4-year-old you're going to go see Donna, he thought he was going to die.”

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