10 Investigates: Driver Responsible For Deadly Marion Crash Had License Revoked Twice

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10 Investigates has uncovered more information on the medical history of a man responsible for a traffic crash that killed three people.

10TV Investigative reporter Paul Aker has learned the driver’s license of Larry Dennison, who was operating the vehicle that caused the deadly crash, was placed on hold twice since 2009 due to a serious medical condition.

Police say Dennison slammed into the back of a truck last week, setting off a fiery crash that killed three people in Marion.

Dennison had just gotten his license back after it was pulled for medical reasons.

His problems started in 2009.  In that year, a state patrol trooper alerted the Bureau of Motor Vehicles that Dennison might not be fit to drive.  The BMV required Denison to get evaluated by a doctor.  Based on that testing, the BMV pulled his license.

However, a doctor cleared Dennison because his medical condition appeared to have improved.

The same scenario repeated last year.

In November 2013, the BMV pulled Dennison's license also because of a medical problem.  10TV has learned the condition was discovered because Dennison rear ended someone.

Then, in May 2014, a doctor cleared Dennison and he was given a restricted license on June 17th.

The fatal crash occurred on July 14th, less than a month later.

BMV spokesperson said that the Bureau properly followed procedures.  Once a doctor clears a driver, the BMV has no authority to keep the driver from getting their license back.