1 House, 5 Days, 120 Hours, A Lot Of Heart


One house, five days and 120 hours.

Those are the numbers that represent a large undertaking for 10TV News and Habitat for Humanity MidOhio.

The heart of the story, though, is really about a young woman who took in her nieces when they had nowhere else to go.

Christine Travis wanted a better home for them, because they had a tough childhood. Their father was in prison, and their mother battled addiction.

"It's definitely a dream come true," said Travis.


It all started with a letter of congratulations from Habitat for Humanity MidOhio. She immediately texted her mother with the news.

"And we were just screaming like, 'Yes!' I was so full of joy," she said.

There was joy in the selection and joy because of what it meant for the two teenage nieces that Travis is raising.

"It was tough, because we always had to move home to home," said Alicia, Travis' niece. "We had to be in different places."

Now, she and her sister Destiny, have one place to stay, thanks to their aunt.

They have been living in an old rental house, but Travis wanted something even more stable for the girls - something she owned so they'd have a place they could call their home.

She said she can give that to them now because she is working with Habitat. Her future home comes with a no-interest loan.
To qualify, Travis, who works for Ohio State University Hospital East, had to show steady employment. She also had to buy into the Habitat way of doing things.

"This is a holistic view of how to help a family to be successful for the rest of their lives," said Habitat for Humanity MidOhio CEO E.J. Thomas. "That's what we do at Habitat."

The process includes learning how to be a responsible homeowner. Partner families take maintenance and financial classes. The future owners also have to put in about 250 hours of sweat equity, usually on their own home.

Travis, however, will have to work on another family's dreams, too, because her dream is becoming a reality on a much faster timeline and with lots of volunteer help.

Travis and her nieces' home is being built as part of a blitz build, with big assistance from the community.

10TV News joined forces with Habitat and Travis to finish the home in just five days.

The foundation is ready to go, and the blitz build is slated to kick off on April 25.

The walls-up construction begins in a neighborhood by Nationwide Children's Hospital on Hope Alley.

"I hope I can thank each and every one of them personally," Travis said. "I would like to do that, to let them know I am truly, sincerely very thankful.

She said she knows that every moment of time that goes into her house will improve the lives of her girls - teenagers who understand their aunt wanted this future for them.

"She showed me and my sister she really loves us," said Alicia.

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