Confed. Flag Parade In Bucyrus

Confederate Parade Planned In Bucyrus Amid Flag Controversy

The parade that honors the Confederate flag is getting mixed reactions from the community.

Sobriety Checkpoint Tonight

Sobriety Checkpoint Planned Tonight In Franklin County

The Franklin County DUI Task Force says members will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint Friday night.

Natl Zoo: Surviving Panda Is Male

It's A Boy! National Zoo's Surviving Newborn Panda Is Male

The National Zoo's panda parents, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, have another son.

TS Erika: Emergency Declared In Fla.

State Of Emergency Declared In Florida; Tropical Storm Nears

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Friday that Tropical Storm Erika poses a "severe threat to the entire state" and declared a state of emergency.

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