More Rape Charges For Teacher

Prosecutor: Olentangy Teacher Accused Of Rape Was ‘Master Manipulator’

A Delaware County Grand Jury is accusing Matthew Rausenberg of abusing at least three more students. Get the details.

"Deliberate" Crash In France

French Prosecutor: Co-Pilot Deliberately Wanted To Crash Plane

The French prosecutor has confirmed that the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 wanted to 'destroy the plane' and that the crash was deliberate. Get the details.

NEW INFO: I-71 Closure

CFD: Truck That Prompted I-71 Rush Hour Closure Had ‘Water-Like Substance’ On It, Not Leaking Chemicals

A truck leak and hazmat situation is causing emergency crews to shut down I-71 around state Route 161.

New College Credit Program

School Districts Will Soon Offer Students Chance To Receive College Credits In The Fall

Starting this fall, all school districts must offer students the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school.

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  • angelaan10tv Traffic still backed up along I-71 South as crews deal with a hazmat situation at 161. Read more here:...
    07:27 PM - 26 Mar 15