Pizza Driver Slayed In Ambush

Pizza Deliveryman Gunned Down During Apparent Ambush In East Columbus

A pizza delivery driver was shot and killed in east Columbus. Read more.

VIDEO: Deputy Hit 100 MPH During Crash

Video Shows Franklin Co. Deputy Was Driving Over 100 MPH Before Deadly Crash

10TV has uncovered new information after a high-speed deputy response led to a deadly collision.

Sobriety Checkpoint Tonight

Sobriety Checkpoint Planned Tonight In Franklin County

The Franklin County DUI Task Force says members will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint tonight into early Saturday.

Hilliard Man Sentenced For Child Porn

Hilliard Man Sentenced To 18 Years For Producing Child Porn

34-year-old Jeremiah Malfroid was sentenced on Friday after investigators discovered 281 files of child pornography on his computer.

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