Man Charged In Slaying Of Mother, Girlfriend

Travis Bonham Confesses To Killing Mother, Girlfriend While High On Bath Salts

A man considered a “person of interest” in the deaths of his mother and girlfriend has been indicted in connection to the shooting deaths of his mother and girlfriend, according to the Knox County Prosecutor.

Charges Dropped; Teacher Reinstated

Pickerington Teacher Reinstated After Homicide Charges Dropped

Police said 40-year-old Angela Luke struck her husband, Daniel Luke, with her vehicle during an argument outside of their home on Sunday.

911 Call: Deadly Domestic Dispute

Dramatic 911 Call Reveals New Details In Deadly Fairfield Co. Domestic Dispute

A teacher and mother of two is facing two counts of homicide following a deadly domestic dispute last weekend in Bloom Township.

2015 Trick-Or-Treat Times

Trick-or-Treat Dates & Times Across Central Ohio

Beggars Night 2015: Get the list of dates and times set by communities in central Ohio

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    01:06 PM - 08 Oct 15
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