OSU Band Investigation

Ohio State Says Ex-Band Director Appeared In Inappropriate Student-Produced Videos

According to a report in the Columbus Dispatch, OSU has revealed new details about problems with the marching band.

NYC Doctor Contracts Ebola

NYC Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola

A health care worker who recently had been to West Africa tested positive for the Ebola virus in New York City Thursday, the New York Times reported.

Pregnant Woman Murdered

Boyfriend Tells Police He Struck Pregnant Girlfriend With Bat, Strangled Her

According to court documents, Jacob Ferrero told police how he killed 22-year-old Samantha Greenlee.

Treating Lymphedema

New Treatment at the James Cancer Hospital to Help Breast Cancer Survivors

While surviving breast cancer is a victory, many patients are left to suffer from a troubling condition called Lymphedema.

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  • 10TV Bride Mourns The Loss Of Husband Who Died In Car Accident Just Hours After Wedding http://t.co/kEQ8DNDe8N
    11:25 PM - 23 Oct 14
Jerry Revish
  • jerry10tv Police say they've found Anthony Luzio's car in a Delaware County pond tonight. He's been missing since July 4, 2005.
    05:36 PM - 21 Oct 14
Kristyn Hartman
  • kristyn10tv Former OSU Band Director Jon Waters' case back in the news-with OSU revealing salacious new details.Hope you'll join Jerry and me on 10TV@5.
    03:33 PM - 23 Oct 14
Chris Bradley
  • chris10tv Grab a jacket for the kids! @MikeDavis10TV tracks the temps and where we may have frost beginning at 4:25AM. #ohwx http://t.co/8BMhVNRIAt
    12:15 AM - 24 Oct 14
Dom Tiberi
  • domtiberi RT @g87528747: @STOashley @AKinkhabwala @SaraCarnes @BeauBishop @AnthonyRothman @Katie_Witham @DOMTIBERI @MollyQerim @Alicia_Barnhart @Bcar…
    05:35 PM - 21 Oct 14
Angela An
  • angelaan10tv It is going to be a GREAT day for this OSU Watch Party Saturday night. you gotta eat, right? you need a place to... http://t.co/0d0NBUDxqv
    09:00 PM - 23 Oct 14